Advantages of a Split Run Production

This book project was created as a split run of both perfect and mechanical binding, allowing the right style book to get to the right users.

Are you or your customer having trouble choosing between the economy of perfect-binding and the user friendliness of mechanical-binding? Many projects destined for the hands of a diverse group of end users could benefit from either binding style. Rather than compromising your project by going with one or the other, consider a split run that utilizes both styles. And, with a little advance planning, design and production of split run projects can be a breeze.

Perfect Binding Advantages

Next to saddle stitching, perfect binding is typically the least expensive binding styles. That makes it profitable for printers on both long and short runs. For split run applications, perfect binding is suitable for users that require spine printing, or who will not be using their books extensively.

Mechanical Binding Advantages

Mechanical binding styles such as Wire-O allows users to more easily access and reference the material. Mechanically-bound books lay flat on a desk or countertop, and most styles also allow books to fold over completely for use as a display. Incorporating a mix of stocks, index tabs and foldouts make mechanical-binding pieces even more versatile and useful.


Consider This:

Synthetic stocks are popular for books that will receive heavy usage, as they offer resistance to moisture, staining and tearing. While mechanical binding styles can handle synthetic stocks with ease, traditional hot melt glues will not provide a strong bond. For split run projects printed with synthetic stocks, or even traditional stocks with heavy ink and coating coverage, specify PUR adhesive binding. Available at Finish Line Binderies, PUR adhesive creates a super-strong bond with almost any stock, allowing you to use a single stock for both adhesive-bound and mechanically-bound versions of your project.

The Finish Line Binderies Advantage

With several available mechanical and perfect binding styles, Finish Line Binderies has the capability to deliver high-quality split run projects quickly and efficiently. By utilizing multiple-shift facilities in Cleveland, we can quickly and easily meet high-volume production demands. Complementary services such as folding, gluing, collating and shrink wrapping ensure that your materials will stay in our hands from start to finish. Give us call to begin planning your next publication to take full advantage of split run production.

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