Best Practices for Postpress Outsourcing

High-quality binding and finishing is our core competency.

Many printers only consider outsourcing their binding and finishing needs when the number and volume of projects surpasses their in-house capacity. Others turn to outsourcing when faced with difficult or challenging projects that require specialized skills. But outsourcing actually enables you to maintain control of the project end-to-end, including scheduling, costs and a variety of other factors. Here are some best practices for outsourcing postpress services:

Core Competency

Graphic arts businesses are built on their core competencies. For printers, that includes everything involved with placing ink on paper. But even printers with postpress equipment are often unable to deliver the quality folding, binding or related post press service your precision printing demands. That’s where a knowledgeable, full-service trade bindery comes in. If some portion of a project falls outside of your core competency, it’s often best to outsource it to someone well-equipped to handle it.

Cash Flow

There are financial benefits to outsourcing to trade binderies. For steady customers, your bindery might offer 30-day payment terms, which reduces the lag between outflow and inflow. This is particularly beneficial for companies operating on a weekly payroll. Also, rather than cut into profits by paying overtime to meet aggressive timelines, outsource the project for set, controlled costs.

Smooth Staffing

Outsourcing to a trade bindery can limit the yearlong ramp-up and scale-down staffing cycle that often accompanies printers’ in-house post press departments. Rather than hire additional employees who will be idle a good portion of the time, or bring in unskilled temporary labor who could drive up waste costs and slow down production, maintain just enough staff to handle your day-to-day workflow and let your trade bindery partner handle the rest.

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