Perfect Binding Cover Layout Considerations

At Finish Line Binderies, we want to be your complete resource for all of your perfect binding needs. To ensure smooth production of your projects, here are five cover layout tips to keep in mind during the planning process:

1. Put your heads together. The head trim on all signatures must match the head trim on the cover. Our machines are designed to match the cover and signatures at the top, and if those don't match exactly, production will be delayed and can become costly.

2. Don't get stuck-leave room for glue. When drafting your layout, be sure your cover is 1/8" longer than the signature size. This is in addition to the 1/8" trim margin at the head, foot and face of your cover and text signatures. Without this additional glue trap margin, glue may seep onto subsequent covers during binding, resulting in slower running speeds and lower-quality books.

3. Don't become unhinged. Leave ¼" margin on either side of the spine for the inside cover hinge scores. Any images or copy on the spine side of this margin will be obscured in the finished product.

4. We know the score. Many printers believe they're saving time and money by pre-scoring their covers prior to sending them to us. Production quality is actually much higher and more consistent if you let Spiral of Ohio score your covers prior to binding. That allows us to make any necessary adjustments without compromising schedules.

5. Zip up your coat. If your covers will be coated or laminated, be sure to knock them out of the spine area between the hinge scores. This will ensure a proper paper fiber-to-fiber bond once glue is applied to the spine.

The Finish Line Binderies Advantage

In addition to perfect binding, you can rely on Finish Line Binderies for specialty PUR gluing, layflat adhesive binding, mechanical binding and a wide range of other binding and finishing capabilities. With facilities conveniently located in Cleveland and Atlanta, we're able to offer you round-the-clock production and scheduling flexibility that's a must for today's tight turnaround demands. Give us a call and let us know how we can handle your next project!

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