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By creating a bulking dummy, you can obtain accurate measurements for covers and other planning considerations. Without a dummy, you may risk producing covers that are not sized properly.

Most projects begin with the bottom line-and the best way to get there is to start with your finisher. Obtaining accurate estimates is essential for both finisher and customer during the planning stages. Inexact estimates can cause confusion and delay production. At Finish Line Binderies, our estimating process includes more than charting quantity and binding style; it's a project plan for delivering your work faster, for less.

In addition to delivery date and shipping requirements, it's important to include as much information as possible during the estimating process. Measurements, stock and page counts are critical to delivering accurate estimates, as well as any special requirements your project may demand. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind when planning a project from estimate through production:

Start early - Some jobs just need to happen quickly, but for most projects, communicate your needs to Finish Line Binderies early in the planning process. This will allow us to order materials and schedule time on our production lines well in advance. The sooner you begin the estimating process, the easier it becomes for Finish Line Binderies to put our experience to work for you. The result? Added value, quicker turnaround and reduced costs.

Don't fear change - At Finish Line Binderies, we understand that unscheduled changes happen. When they do, it's important that you communicate them to us immediately-the quicker we can make alterations to your projects, the easier the production run will become.

Who we gonna call? - Often, the person who submits a job to Finish Line Binderies is not the final authority on changes and other issues that may arise during production. Let us know before we begin who we can call with questions that demand immediate attention. Searching for the appropriate staff member can be time-consuming and cause delivery delays.

Create a dummy - Using the same stock and measurements as your final product, create a bulking dummy-or mock-up of the final product-during the planning stages. While we know this may be difficult, it can reveal assembly problems and can help Finish Line Binderies, and in turn help you, ensure the overall quality of the book.

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