Books of Any Size

These books bound with plastic spiral are each unique - different size projects from different length runs.

It doesn't take long working in the graphic arts industry to realize no two projects are the same (even reruns!). At Finish Line Binderies, we're ready to handle projects that test both our size restrictions and scheduling. Unique projects are often the result of a few minor tweaks to equipment and strong customer collaboration. In a recent afternoon, for example, we followed a "standard" perfect binding run of 140,000 with a large-format 100-piece job. To the right are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing your next project.


Large-format projects can garner attention due to their unusual dimensions. However, their size and bulk can place considerably more stress on the binding elements than standard sizes. Unless the piece must lay flat when opened, consider using ultra-strong PUR glue to bind your project. PUR adhesives help even the largest bound products withstand the roughest treatment.


If your project is a rerun, supply your binder with a sample of the previous job, along with any pertinent notes or finishing instructions to ensure smooth and efficient production. While Finish Line Binderies maintains detailed records of all products we produce, additional information can only help us produce your projects exactly the way you want them.

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