Eliminate Seeing into the Gutter of Adhesive Case Bound Books

bookbinding gutter adhesive
Seeing down into the gutter of the book can be unacceptable to many customers. We've got the answer!

Case-Bound Gutter Solutions

Case bound glued bookbinders

We've heard concerns from the industry of doing a printed four-page end sheet on an adhesive case bound book loud and clear. Binding a project in this manner will cause a "gap" between the first page and the cover.

Our new production plan will eliminate this completely. With our plan, you can still have a four page printed end sheet and we just ask that you score and fold as a normal four page signature. We will take it from there. Please send the rest of the text as flat press sheets and let us do our magic. We will handle the folding on the rest of the book.

Extra Strength is an Added Bonus

As an added bonus, this new solution actually makes the binding "stronger" compared to the old production plan. By making the book stronger and eliminating the eye sore of staring into the gutter of the book, Finish Line Binderies should be considered for all of your adhesive case binding needs.

With an experienced staff of bookbinding specialists, we're ready to help guide your next project from concept through production. Call us today to begin planning your next case-bound project.

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