Acceptable Spoilage

Spoilage is a fact of life in any manufacturing process. Just like the popular adage ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs’, no bindery can produce material without spoiling a few pieces in the process. Let’s take a look at what this really means - and how to prepare for it:

The Numbers Game

Spoilage refers to the quantity of printed pieces that are wasted during makeready and production. In hard data, spoilage is represented as the percentage of extra material - that is, material added to your final, delivered production quantity - we’ll need to prepare your project.

One important factor to keep in mind is that spoilage rates are cumulative for each production process. For example, producing a perfect-bound book will likely include folding, binding and trimming. Each of these processes carries a rate of spoilage for both makeready and production procedures; these numbers must be added together to arrive at a total spoilage rate for a project. That’s why spoilage quantities of 5% or more of the delivered quantity are not unusual.

Production tip:

If cost is an issue for supplying ample spoilage, let us know. We can always find alternate solutions to prepare your job for binding. For example, submit unprinted stock as makeready spoilage for processes such as folding. A printed piece is always preferable, as it allows operators to gauge margins and print variations, but plain stock can provide information about how paper will react to machine operations.

Though most spoilage ends up in the dumpster, it's a valuable part of project planning and production.

The Finish Line Binderies Advantage

At Finish Line Binderies, we’re fond of saying “the quality is free.” We’re able to provide high quality pieces for our customers because of the material we take the time and attention to ruin. It sounds funny, but it really is the best way to deliver the results you need and the quality your customers expect.

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