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In the plastic spiral binding process, a continuous piece of plastic is coiled through a punched book block and crimped at both ends. As with other mechanical binding styles, plastic spiral binding allows books to open 360 degrees to allow for more versatile usage applications. Plastic binding elements are available in a wide range of colors and gauges to match the design of your products.

At Finish Line Binderies, we have the capabilities to perform plastic spiral binding on even the largest-format products – up to a 38” bind edge! With nine machines capable of binding books bulking up to 2”, consider us as your single plastic spiral binding resource.

We have recently added a new Gateway Plastikoil QS2 Dual Interline plastic spiral binding system. The QS2 automatically forms the binding element in the size and diameter required, winds it through the punched book and crimps each end. Production speed for this system is rated at more than 1,400 books per hour.

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