The PUR Adhesive Advantage

When it comes to adhesives for perfect binding, PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive is the undisputed heavyweight champ. PUR adhesive is the strongest, most flexible binding adhesive available, offering page pull strength more than three times that of standard EVA adhesives. Fully-coated stocks? Heavy ink coverage? Synthetic stocks? PUR can bind them all. Here are a few additional details about the advantages of PUR adhesive:

Books bound with PUR glue simply will not fall apart, even under heavy usage in the most demanding conditions. Consider choosing PUR adhesive to bind products that receive heavy usage, such as catalogs, directories and manuals.

The composition of PUR glue enables it to form a strong bond with the paper even in the presence of inks, coatings and varnishes. This is in contrast to standard perfect binding, where coatings must be kept free from the spine area to ensure a strong bond. Also, PUR adhesive becomes bendable once cured, giving PUR-bound books outstanding flexibility.

PUR glue is impervious to temperature extremes. Once it has cured, PUR remains stable in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to over 140 degrees F. That means PUR-bound books can be used anywhere — from the hottest plant facility to the most frigid automotive garage — without unwanted remelting or cold cracking. Curing times have also been reduced dramatically; newer PUR adhesive formulas are fully cured in about eight hours.

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