Turn your Mechanically-Bound Products into Display Piecess

At Finish Line Binderies, we can bind products with up to a 38-inch spine, allowing you to incorporate easels into even the largest-format display products such as this flip chart.

If you regularly use or produce mechanically-bound products, you’re likely aware of their ability to not only lay flat, but open 360 degrees. This latter feature is what drives the versatility of these products. With the addition of an easel cover, Wire-O, plastic spiral and spiral wire-bound books can be used as an effective display piece.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning a mechanically-bound book to include an easel:

Incorporating Easels into your Designs
Easels can take several different formats when incorporated into a mechanically-bound book. For standard size applications, a die-cut wing easel offers plenty of support. This easel style uses a piece of board or other thick substrate with an easel die-cut into it. The board is then collated as the back cover of the book, punched and bound. The easel stays flat until activated by the end user.

For larger-format applications, a tent-shaped easel offers stronger support for heavier books. This easel style is created by punching two ends of a piece of board, which is then scored three times in the middle. The user activates the easel by unfolding the section between the scores, creating a wedge-shaped easel that can support even the thickest books.

Planning Suggestion

Easels require sufficient thickness and rigidity to easily support the book when opened. For most applications, we recommend that easels be constructed of at least 60 to 120 pt. board, though even thicker substrates such as corrugated board may be required for extremely large applications.

The Finish Line Binderies Advantage

At Finish Line Binderies, easels are just one of many user-friendly features we can help you incorporate into your mechanically-bound products. Foldouts, index tabs, fully-concealed covers and multiple stocks can all be included to make your products unique. Do you have an oversized display application? Our specialized punching and binding capabilities enable us to include easels on products with up to a 38" spine! Give us a call today to begin planning your next successful display product.

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