The Advantages of Plastic Comb Binding

Plastic comb binding provides the layflat qualities of mechanical binding with the ability to print directly onto the book spine, making it ideal for bookshelf and retail applications.

One of the key differences between mechanical binding and perfect binding is the latter's ability to allow for spine printing. This is especially important for retail applications, where books must be easily identified by consumers. While concealed Wire-O binding allows for spine printing, another attractive solution available at Finish Line Binderies is plastic comb binding.

Often called GBC binding, this style utilizes plastic rings attached to a single-piece "comb" to hold together loose sheets. Like all mechanical binding styles, plastic comb binding allows books to lay flat, and allows users to mix and match stocks.

Plastic Comb Advantages

Imprints - Text, logos and other images can be imprinted directly onto the comb using screen printing or foil stamping (or a combination of both). Combs and imprinting are available in a variety of complementary colors to match your designs.

Crossover Accuracy - Plastic comb binding is ideal for crossover charts, images, maps and other products because the pages do not "step up" when laying flat. Some mechanical binding styles will raise one page slightly when opened, but plastic comb binding text sheets meet evenly at the head and foot for accurate crossovers.


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