Calendar Binding Options

Wire-O bound calendars can not only be bound with mulitiple panels and spines (left), they can also be bound in wider formats (right).

A well-designed, handsomely-produced calendar can be a valuable marketing tool. How many other items are virtually guaranteed to be seen nearly every day of the year? At Finish Line Binderies, we have more than 60 years of calendar production experience, offering a wide range of binding styles and finishing capabilities that ensure your calendars will get noticed.

Binding Styles

The intended placement and perceived value of your calendars is often what dictates the appropriate binding style. At Finish Line Binderies, we offer several binding choices. Saddle stitching is the most basic and economical calendar binding style, and is ideal for wall-hanging designs. Oversized and short sheets can be easily collated and stitched to give your calendars added functionality and appeal.

Mechanical binding styles - including Wire-O, plastic spiral and spiral wire - are a specialty of ours at Finish Line Binderies. These styles offer you the greatest versatility, as they can be used for both desktop and wall-hanging calendars. Mechanical binding elements are available in a wide range of colors to match the design of the calendars, while pages can be folded 360 degrees to allow for easy use. You can also take advantage of single sheet collating to include a variety of sheet sizes, paper styles, and index tabs.

Design Suggestions

Consider semi-concealed or fully concealed Wire-O binding covers to give your desk or pocket calendars a sleek, professional appearance. Customized covers can be manufactured from paper or plastic, and enhanced with foil-stamping or screen printing for a really eye-catching appearance. Three-panel calendars with multiple binding elements are also a neat look, displaying multiple months simultaneously.

Split Wire-O binding offers calendars a unique look that's ideal for wall-hanging designs. In the split binding process, a gap is placed at the center of the spine between two sets of binding elements. The advantage to this is it allows a wire calendar hanger to be easily placed between the banks of elements.

Get in touch with us early in the design process to be sure production of your calendars goes smoothly. This is particularly advantageous if mailing is involved. At Finish Line Binderies, we can provide single-piece and bulk mailings as well as several other fulfillment options.


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