Annual Reports from A to Z

For many companies, the annual report is the most-scrutinized communication it will produce all year. It will make its way into the hands of shareholders, key customers and the board of directors, which means production quality must be at a premium. As if that weren't enough, government regulations make distribution dates non-negotiable, which means proper planning and compressed production schedules are a must.

The post press experts at Finish Line Binderies are well-versed in the unique requirements of annual report projects. Here are a few tips to help you plan your annual report project for worry-free production:

Keep SEC Filing Dates in Mind

Annual reports can take many forms, from classic perfect binding to durable mechanical binding styles. The only requirement is timing: Securities and Exchange Commission regulations stipulate hard deadlines for report filings and distribution to shareholders, so speedy turnaround is essential. Begin your annual report planning well in advance of these dates to be sure there are no surprises late in the production process.


Most companies need to wait until the calendar year closes to produce official 10K financial documents. These pieces are often printed separately from the bulk of the annual report, so get started early on the design and production of the text, images and documentation that don't need to wait for year-end hard data. Finish Line Binderies can provide short-term storage until the 10K section arrives, then meld both sections together as a single bound product. This not only alleviates the pressure of delivering the project at once, it allows for extended preparation time to turn your reports around as quickly as possible.

Don't Compromise Packing and Shipping

Too often, outstanding production quality is compromised with poorly-planned packing and shipping. If you plan to distribute your reports in small batches, shrink wrapping may be a valuable finishing step that will help prevent scuffing and transit marking. Other specialty packaging services are available based on your specific packing and shipping requirements.

Materials tip: The importance of the annual report means that high-end stocks and inks and specialized coatings are often employed to help you convey the best image possible for your company. Some specialty materials may require advance ordering or extended production or handling requirements. When you involve Finish Line Binderies early in the planning process, we can alert you to these needs well in advance of the production date.

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